Daily Stoner Joe Rogan Is A Boss

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If you lookup Joe Rogan on Wiki it states Joseph James Rogan (/ˈroʊɡən/; born August 11, 1967) is an American stand-up comedianmixed martial arts (MMA) color commentatorpodcast host, businessman and former television host and actor.

To me he is a bad ass mother fucker who is a great example of what a hardcore daily stoner can look like. In fact, he’s doing a live show right now with Greg Fitzsimmons on his very successful JRE Podcast.

Joe Rogan starts talking about people who can’t handle marijuana and schizophrenia 1 hour and 22 minutes in.

His talents are wide spread and anyone familiar with his work knows the
JRE Podcast is a special place on the internet. Joe Rogan has completed over 1,200 episodes and some of them can be over 4 hours long.

Soon we will be launching our first episode of Puff Topics where we will have “highly moving conversations” about various subjects in life.

The episodes may not all be related to marijuana, but all of our conversations will be driven by deep and moving thoughtfulness.

Joe Rogan thank you for the inspiration and keep doing your thing!

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